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At a time when most 12-year-olds were sitting on the couch playing video games, Devon was already an aspiring businessman. Cutting the neighbor’s grass evolved into partnering up with a buddy to form a lawn maintenance and landscaping business.

That entrepreneurial spirit would fuel a lifetime of ventures that have already spanned ownership of restaurants, a fleet of commercial vans, taxi cabs, and exclusive clothing lines. Though always on the lookout for what’s trending and what’s holding steady, Devon’s gaze always reaches a step beyond the horizon, on what is yet to be discovered.

After 18 years in Southern California, Devon returned to his childhood home of Boise, Idaho. Exhilarated by its outdoor adventures, and fully tuned into the vibe of a city on the move, Devon acquired his real estate license and has immersed himself in the field, with a focus on investing.
Entering real estate was not a career change for Devon, it was a natural progression of his passion for connecting people with opportunities. With years of personal success in real estate investing, he now leverages this wealth of knowledge and experience on behalf of his clients, so that they can make smart choices, sound investments, and advance their personal home ownership goals.

Devon already knows – because he is already living — the very experience that Forbes, personal financial advisors, and real estate bloggers are all writing about – Boise is out-ranking cities from coast to coast on dimensions of livability, affordability, economic growth, and adventure. Add to that attractive mix, there is a massive exodus of city dwellers, notably from California, taking place at this very moment, and Boise’s star is rising fast as a prime destination.

As a recent California urbanite-turned Idaho homeowner, realtor, and advisor, Devon offers a unique value proposition – he “gets it” – why people are on the move and why Boise is the ideal place to start on the homeownership journey.

His enthusiasm is contagious, his presence at the negotiating table is commanding, and he wants nothing more than to pave the way for his real estate clients to dream as big as he does, so that they can attain the best vision they have for their lives. His message… let’s get moving!

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