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How the Current Idaho Real Estate Market Can Benefit You and Your Long-term Goals

Posted On January 21, 2021
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Boise, Idaho

Nowadays, I feel like nearly every day we are hearing the same thing come from potential clients and customers within the Idaho Treasure Valley and those seeking to enter the market. It usually sounds something like, “I would love to sell my house and upgrade, but am afraid to do so in this market.”

Making a plan is essential

While it’s no secret that there is a sufficient lack of competition in the current housing market right now, selling and/or buying real estate in Idaho right now takes a solid plan, diligence, extreme patience, and an experienced, dedicated team in your corner every step of the way. Throughout the course of the previous few years, my team and I have accumulated a proven track record of success and client satisfaction. While the process may seem like a difficult and rough path, I can assure you that this is 100 percent do-able! We have consistently helped people do it day in and day out throughout the duration of this challenging real estate market.

Take advantage of your property’s equity

Within this uncertain time, one thing remains constant, if you have owned your home for two years or more, you likely have significant equity in your property. Within the previous month we have assisted two clients capitalize on the equity of their current home, followed by an extremely satisfying upgrade to a new home that better suits their wants and needs.

Low interest rates + high equity = a win, win for everyone

The cherry on top of capitalizing on this market and taking advantage of your property’s equity is the fact that the new payment on the mortgage of these buyers isn’t a significant increase from the old one that one may expect (even on a higher price point). This is attributed to the current low interest rates combined with taking full advantage of the massive equity that most homeowners possess at this point in time. These high equities and low rates make for extremely surprising outcomes that in the end, create happy clients and customers in both the buying and selling process.

If this post has piqued even the slightest interest in what your current property is worth, let’s chat about the possibilities your current equity could create for you. We’ve worked with past clients who’ve been able to pay off credit card debt, student loans, and upgrade their homes to allow more space for their growing families – all by taking advantage of the current market and the current equity in their homes. And, the best part, they’ve done all of this while keeping their payments close to what they’re paying with their current mortgage.

We know the current Treasure Valley real estate can seem overwhelming, but the success we’ve seen with our clients over the past year is proof that it’s not impossible and rather a good time to think about how this market can help you reach your goals.

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