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Outdoors in Idaho

Posted On December 21, 2020
Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

The Treasure Valley is right where you’ll want to live. It’s the perfect launch point to explore so many beautiful and interesting places that are anywhere from an hour to a day trip away.

Camping in Idaho

There is simply no better way to enjoy the outdoors than camping in Idaho. A crackling campfire, starry nights, and the allure of a snug sleeping bag make camping an appealing activity for nature lovers.

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Cycling in Idaho

Cycling in Idaho is a common as walking or driving. If you’re a roadie, and you know who you are, then you have had to of heard of Kristin Armstrong; a three-time Olympic gold medalist winner for individual time trials in women’s road bicycle racing. Well, she lives in Boise and Boise is proud of her.

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Fishing in Idaho

Fishing in Idaho is an angler’s paradise. Idaho offers a vast variety of water from alpine valley lakes to lowland desert rivers. There are more than a quarter-million acres of ponds and reservoirs, 3,000 natural lakes, and 26,000 miles of streams and rivers! This means a vast variety of fish of every sort, including giant white sturgeon.

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Golfing in Idaho

If you’re into golf, then you’ll love golfing in Idaho. More than 20 golf courses span between Caldwell and Boise, making a day on the green easily accessible.

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Hiking in Idaho

Hiking in Idaho is so vast, that you could virtually hike a different trail every day throughout the state and possibly not cover them all in your lifetime. So, we’ll start a little closer to home.

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Hot Springs in Idaho

Idaho is teeming with hot springs, or should we say “steaming”? Hot springs in Idaho are abundant. In fact, Idaho has nearly 130 soakable hot springs – more soakable hot springs than any other state in the nation! (Nevada has more hot springs but most are not usable for soaking.)

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Hunting in Idaho

Hunting in Idaho runs the gamut from ample, small game and upland game birds, big game species, to highly coveted trophy species. With nearly two-thirds of Idaho being public land, there is plenty of places to hunt.

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Mountain Biking in Idaho

You don’t need to travel far to find great mountain biking in Idaho. In fact, regardless of where you find yourself traveling on any given weekend, consider bringing your mountain bike. The entire state is basically a gigantic mountain biking playground.

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Lake Recreation in Idaho

There is something about the lake that brings out the kid in everyone and lake recreation in Idaho is no exception. The state of Idaho boasts some of the most pristine lakes in all of the country and many are within an easy drive of Boise and the Treasure Valley area.

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Off-Roading in Idaho

Whether two wheels or four, off-roading in Idaho is sure to please even the most adventurous rider.

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Recreation on the River & Greenbelt

There is no better place for recreation on the Boise River and Greenbelt than the Boise Whitewater Park. With the opening of Phase One in 2012, it was one of the first adjustable river waves in the world. Eight years later, Phase Two is now complete.

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Skiing in Idaho

Anyone who skis or snowboards knows that skiing in Idaho is among the best in the country. The breathtaking scenery of Idaho is the perfect complement to its 18 resorts with 28,000 vertical feet of terrain on over 18,000 acres of spectacular snow-soaked mountains.

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Snow Sports in Idaho

Nothing compares to snow sports in Idaho and winter sports enthusiasts look forward with anticipation each year for winter to arrive.With 18 ski resorts throughout the state totaling more than 28,000 vertical feet of snow-soaked terrain, alpine skiers and snowboarders alike have no shortage of runs to choose from.

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Whitewater in Idaho

There is so much whitewater in Idaho that Idaho is often ranked in the “Best of” categories by outdoor magazines. It is such a big deal that Boise built its own Whitewater Park right in the center of town.

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