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The small country town of Kuna is growing at an accelerated pace for good reasons – affordability and location. And that’s not all. Despite the rapid growth, Kuna maintains a country setting and rural roots where the simple life still exists. The country landscape inspires families to enjoy the outdoors, explore local nature paths, and visit neighborhood parks. There’s a greenbelt to walk on, a river to wade in, and the desert foothills to hike. The area’s ambiance invites folks to be friendlier here— families hold the door open for others, look people in the eye, and say hello to strangers.

Kuna is more self-contained with its expanding commerce, and residents can find what they need in their friendly community. As the city evolves, commercial development matches the pace of Kuna’s residential growth. The addition of several restaurants and fast-food establishments, grocery and retail stores, and other small businesses are changing the landscape around town and meeting essential community needs.


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