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Not All Real Estate Agents Are Created Equal: How Your Real Estate Agent’s Ability to Market Your Listing Creates Value and Personal Profit

Posted On May 1, 2022
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What if I were to tell you that no home sells for a fixed price? What if I were to tell you that demand is the single biggest driver of the price your home sells for, and, more importantly, that your home will sell for a range of prices, which are solely based on your agent and their team’s ability to market your property?

A “discounted” listing is a discount in services

With that in mind, would you be more inclined to pay a little less attention to the agent who is seemingly giving you a “discount” and maybe a bit more attention to the agent and team that is giving full focus to the strategic marketing tactics in place that will enable you to gain more quality exposure for your listing? We see and hear about this far too often in the real estate industry, where too many agents are willing to offer you a discount in exchange for listing your home, but in exchange, they skimp on the proper steps (and dollars needed) to successfully market your listing. This, in turn, hurts you because you won’t have nearly as many eyes on listing so you won’t have as many nearly as many interested buyers, so you’ll never know if the offer you accepted is the highest and best offer you could have received.

The marketing is where the true value lies

In a market like ours here in the Boise, Idaho area, where many homes are listed and under contract within a week, or even a weekend, the person you should be most concerned with for your listing is the buyer of who’s attention you don’t get. That person who didn’t see your listing may have been the one who was willing to pay even more than the offer you accepted, but they never knew your home was available because the pace of the market is so fast right now, and your agent didn’t send out enough marketing pieces.

When interviewing an agent to list your home, I always advise you to ask:
“What other marketing efforts will you make to attract buyers, other than just taking some pictures and putting the listing on the MLS?”

Why? Because whether it’s a targeted door hanger, or a 3D tour of your home for out of state prospective buyers, it is often those extra efforts that get the attention of that one buyer who could have been willing to pay a premium had they only known your listing existed.

It’s easy to sell in this market, but it’s difficult to market well

Yes, anyone can sell a home in this market, but how much money they can make you is not equal across all agents. No matter where you are in the process, I’m happy to have a conversation with you, even if it’s to talk strategy as you consider what move makes the most sense for you and your situation.


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